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Welcome to Lynx Security and Detective Services

Lynx Group is an organization, which was incorporated in the year 2005. Initially Lynx Group was call International Security & had its base in Bombay & Pune which was established in 1978. After several years we saw a growing need to offer an Investigation Service to our many high profile corporate clients. We then added several other services, under one company name Lynx Group.

Lynx Security and Detective Services offers the following services:

Security Services:

Lynx Security and Detective Services Employs over 10,000 trained security guards & is capable of dealing with all six contracts. Our current security contracts range from small organizations to Multi-national Firms in various industries. Every organization has its own issues in security to deal with, we at Lynx understand this & have tailor made solutions for all sizes of industries both public & private. We provide General Duty Guards, Corporate / Industrial Guards, Elite Guards, Ex-Servicemen / D.G.R. Guards. Read more...

Investigation Services:

Lynx Security and Detective Services provide the best of quality specialized security & investigation services of world-class standards to corporation & organizations to cut off security & liability risks. Our teams of experienced consultants develop, implement & manage & elaborate & a complete secured security program that answers your organization's specific security needs & ensure executives personal protection & asset protection. To tackle the tasks under this category, we conduct tailing, strikeouts, videography, photography, audio recording, detection of listening devices & cameras, undercover & covert operations. We also specialize in trademark infringement, undercover investigation, Tracing Missing Persons & Matrimonial / Marital Infidelity, Phone Tapping & Email Hacking services. It is a sad fact the 2 out of 3 marriages end in divorce. This is due largely to infidelity. It is more difficult to establish figures for unmarried couples but there is no reason to think adultery is any less common whether partners live together or not. Read more...

Security & Investigation Products:

At Lynx Security and Detective Services we have a vast range of security & investigation gadgets for sale & hire for personal & corporate users. If a gadget exists we have it & at a competitive & reasonable price. Our products range from spy cameras, digital voice recorders, surveillance equipment, Phone tapping software, Email hacking, Hand Held, Door Frame metal detectors, baggage scanners, under vehicle mirror devices, bio metric systems, large range of fire extinguishers, hidden cameras, mail bomb detectors, a large range of home & corporate alarms, lie detectors, visitor management devices, home inter room systems, bug detectors, cell phone jammers etc. Read more...

Our Locations

We have our reach in all over India. Currently you can contact us at our offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune.

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